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Snazzier-looking profile will be forthcoming once whatever issues Dreamwidth's having with HTML in tables are resolved. Until then:

I've gone by a few names over my internet life, I've had (and still have, a couple anyway) multiple journals, but for now, this is me, and what you see is what you get. I've simultaneously gotten more social and more cautious recently. I've learned that there are quite a few creeps out there, but also that by being a damn hermit (offline and online) that I've missed out on some cool things and some cool people, so that's something I'm trying to work on.

That being said, I'm extremely new to Dreamwidth, and I would love to make some friends.

This journal will have various fandom things on the occasions that I get around to making them, icons, wallpaper, fanfic, you name it. I'm also a writer of original fiction, but am generally pretty protective of those projects, and so those bits probably won't be shared at this particular point in time. This journal will be - for the most part - public, until I'm given reason for it not to be. Entries that stray to much towards the personal spectrum of my life will likely be restricted, because I'm not quite that open.

I'm neurotic, I'm obsessive-compulsive, I have mood swings, I have trouble dealing with people, and I'm shy to the point of it being occasionally crippling (yes, really). I don't quite fit in with the crowd (especially since crowds tend to make me hyperventilate), and half the time I'm fairly certain that I'm losing whatever's left of my mind. This is who I am. No excuses, no pretending that I don't have problems. If you're willing to take the bad with the good, then you may find that I can on occasion be a (accidentally) funny, understanding friend and a sympathetic ear when you need one. If you aren't down with that, then that's fine too - you're welcome to my fic and icons all the same.

Serious profile is serious. Anyway, in short: don't be afraid to say hi, even though I generally am. I don't bite. Much. :3

Walter Sullivan is [community profile] mai_waifu.

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